Custom Woodworking By William Carpenter AB3ME


          I have a small but complete workshop, so am limited as to size of project I can work on but can generally accommodate an item no longer than 8 feet long and 6 feet tall. I have done many refurbishing projects with furniture as well as building some for specific needs such as the two Chat n Chew restaurant benches. I am willing to work with any perspective client in projects that will fit inside my shop, and can provide pick up and delivery of items within a 50 mile radius. It is best for perspective clients to contact me via phone or email to discuss their wants or needs.

Example Pricing:
Plaque price is $40 plus shipping CONUS choice of wood per "wood sample" Maximum size plaque is 12"x12" as that is the limits of my CNC machine at this time. Configuration of plaque can be customized per the customer to discuss as well as any pricing changes due to this.

Keepsake boxes 6'x11"x7" tall start at $300 with free engraving up to 10 square inches plus shipping Keepsake boxes smaller sizes start at $200 and up depending on size and engraving plus shipping Engraving of keepsake box lids can be either top or underside or both if desired. Engraving details must be approved by client via representative drawing done with the carving program which will be emailed to them before any work begins.

I do any kind of custom woodworking, and will help you with your design ideas.

Examples of these items in pictures:
Picture Gallery * Examples of my work
Business Card
AB3ME Flat Plaque (Oak)
AJ3C Standing Plaque (Oak)
KF6AOH Hanging Plaque (Oak)
N3SWR Standing Plaque (Butterwood)
Carpenter Woodworks (Black Walnut & Orange)
Chat n Chew Bench (Hemlock Pine & polyurethane)
Refurbished Sewing Cabinet
Proven fonts to utilize:   Fonts Available
Wood sample available
Engraved "Nicole" keepsake box (Black Walnut)
Engraved "Sunny" keepsake box (Black Walnut)

Shop General Work Area:
my shop area

Call me for a free estimate. Thanks! Bill Carpenter
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